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Author of the Ryan Kyd Thrillers

Ryan Kyd is a hard nosed, but soft centred, ex member of the elite Diplomatic Protection Group.   In his time, action man Ryan has guarded Royalty and Prime Ministers and faced down terrorists. Now he’s set up on his own as a Private Investigator on the mean streets of South London.


The books are a griity slice of London noir and for adults only. 




When a girl who's as hot as a cheap pistol vanishes after joining a weird cult her big sister comes to the Ryan Kyd Private Investigation Agency for help.  Before long Ryan is drawn into the cult's world of beautiful people, high rollers, bent cops, Russian fixers, stolen guns and a politician with a sinister secret.  Wherever he goes, Ryan discovers there is no escape for those touched by the Hand of Darkness.




The third Ryan Kyd book involves Ryan in trying to locate a priceless antique on behalf of a beautiful woman he rescues from a mugging on the back streets of Deptford.  The trail leads Ryan into deadly danger and turns out to be his toughest case yet!


BUSINESS IS MURDER                                                       

My first crime thriller for adults!  It made #1 on the Amazon Kindle Singles chart so do have a read.    amzn.to/15uyBIK    



Ryan and Carly go to Spain on the trail of a renegade scientist with a deadly secret for sale and it's non stop action all the way.  http://amzn.to/1mCpxJh


Ryan goes to New York and takes a bite out of the Big Apple.  Unfortunately it bites back hard! 





The Spook Squad are Emma, Roxy, Nita and Leena; a team of four feisty girls who bust bogeymen and vanquish vampires. They'll do whatever it takes to keep humans safe from the things that go bump in the night!


Publisher: Ransom Publishing  http://www.ransom.co.uk/


Spooky Stories & Twisted Tales

It's Halloween all year round with my Spooky Stories and Twisted Tales!  13 scary stories that are guaranteed to haunt your imagination.  Suitable for everyone who likes a story that sends a shiver down their spine.  Available from Endeavour Press. http://amzn.to/Qh7FDH

GirlfriendZ- A Band on the Run

Interest age 8 – 12 years | Reading age 9 – 10 years

Exciting action-packed stories that will appeal to particularly to girls aged 8 to 12. The stories are best  read in order, although this isn't essential.

Meet Liv, Kelly, Eve, Charlotte and Yaz. They are GirlFriendZ – the number one band in the world. But now the evil Zargons are in control. Their  MIB (Music is Banned) agents are hunting down musicians, wiping their minds and  destroying their instruments. This is like stealing a music-lover's soul!

The girls go on the run, determined to keep music alive by playing secret gigs for their fans. Using music as a weapon against the MIB agents, can  they stay one step ahead of their enemy? http://bit.ly/YeVidm


Not only is my  comedy/horror/thriller for 8-13 year olds The Eye of the Pharaoh now available as an ebook amzn.to/YecPC9 it is also available as a play!

It's just perfect for Key Stage 2/3 kids to act and the script can be found at Lazybee Publishing http://bit.ly/11pKHRU


My short play for primary children about the Greek myth Pandora's Box is also available from Lazybee Publishing. bit.ly/WwJLMe

Telling a Story

To watch me telling a story go to:http://bit.ly/MzWXdi

An Animated Trailer for My Tribe Series

To watch a short trailer for my Tribe series of books go to:http://bit.ly/NGwWsr

The Hunger

To read my short story The Hunger go to:http://bit.ly/OXEasJ