This is Me

I’ve been a primary school teacher, a deputy head teacher, a head teacher, a university lecturer and a teacher trainer. I’ve also been a consultant advisor to the Home Office and the Children’s Directorate on how to help children develop a positive attitude to school. I’m now a full-time writer and storyteller with over 60 books published for children.


I was given the title Mallam Oga by the Hausa people on a storytelling trip to Kano State, Northern  Nigeria in 2000. It means "wise teacher, big boss" - or, at least that's what the local people told me it meant!


In my spare time I play seven-a-side football and, to the horror of music lovers everywhere, I play guitar.


My latest book: Something Wicked This Way Comes (The Endeavour Press) came about when a school asked me to tell their children the story of the Pied Piper. I did, but it struck me that the Piper is one of the most sinister characters in fairy stories. I researched the background to the legend and discovered some evidence that the Piper reappeared in England about one hundred years after he stole the children from Hamelin. This intrigued me and I wondered what happened to the children he stole; why he did it; how was he able to travel through time; and what would happen if he came back today? The only way I could exorcise this evil character and was to write the story. He’s stopped haunting my imagination now, but you can find him in Something Wicked – if you dare!