People often ask me...

... what kind of books I write.


I write books for reluctant readers so I have to write stories that will grab and hold their attention. These tend to be action/adventure/Sci-Fi/mystery/scary stories with plenty of jokes thrown in for good measure. So I think I can claim to write in most genres. Everything I write I road test in schools before I send it off to my publishers. If you’re standing in front of 300 children for an hour on a wet Thursday morning your stories have to keep them enthralled and entertained otherwise their bottoms get fidgety and they soon let you know they’re bored!


 ... how I think up my ideas.


I usually start by thinking up a title. For example, the title Danger in Deadman's Lane just popped into my head when I was thinking about the new Spook Squad series. Then I ask myself some 'What would happen if' questions like ... what would happen if all the gouls, ghosts, vampires and trolls got so fed up with the Spook Squad that they sent a shape shifting bounty hunter to bring the girls back to Otherworld dead or alive? And so on.
So, if you want to find out what did happen go and read the book!