My Miniblog - I Didn’t Go To Hogwarts

When I go into schools on an author visit children bombard me with questions, but the one I hear most often is: ‘When did you first start writing stories?’  That’s when I tell them about my first day at school.  It was just an ordinary school, I say, it wasn’t Hogwarts and I’m not Harry Potter – but my teacher gave me a magic wand! 

This grabs their attention.  The well behaved children sit there and smile politely, the less polite look at me disbelievingly and shake their heads while others are moved to wonder out loud if this isn’t a bit of a fib.  ‘Of course it’s not a fib,’ I say.  ‘It’s as true as I’m standing here.  And I used that magic wand to go on amazing adventures with the most incredible characters.’  Then I nod enthusiastically.  ‘Oh yes, that magic wand let me be anyone I wanted to be: a knight, a time lord, a pirate, or even the world’s most brilliant detective.  And it took me everywhere I wanted to go – way back in time to the age of the dinosaurs and far into the future when robots rule the world.  I visited strange planets and met talking dragons; I went treasure hunting with dwarves and saved the Earth from alien invasion more times than I can remember.   That magic wand was the most exciting gift anyone has ever given me.’  Then I shake my head.  ‘But the funny thing is my teacher didn’t call it a magic wand – she called it a pencil!’




Rogues' Gallery

Here are some of the bad guys from my books.