My Current Project

Business is Murder




Roger Hurn


(A Ryan Kyd Mystery)


Ryan Kyd is a hard nosed, but soft centred ex member of the elite Diplomatic Protection Group.   In his time, action man Ryan has guarded Royalty and Prime Ministers and faced down terrorists.  Now he’s set up on his own as a Private Investigator on the mean streets ofSouth London. 

But when trouble comes calling in the shape of “DK” Kapoor, a shady businessman with fingers in too many underworld pies, Ryan is plunged into a world of arranged marriages, scheming relations, kidnapping and murder.  Ryan was hoping his new career would be all about matrimonial surveillance cases and tracing missing persons, but he was wrong.  Murder is his business.


This is the first in my new series of books featuring private eye Ryan Kyd.  It is for adults (in the grown up sense) and will be published shortly by Endeavour Press.